Press Release - Engage Play Technologies Launches Internet’s First Trivia Game Affiliate Program

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Engage Play Technologies Launches Internet’s First Trivia Game Affiliate Program

9/23/15 Los Angeles...... Engage Play Technologies, a leading developer of custom, contest-based game solutions for brands, has announced the launch of the Internet’s first trivia game affiliate and partner program. The Engage Play Trivia Partner Program powers custom trivia websites for partners of all sizes spanning a wide range of verticals, including Star Trek and Star Wars fan sites, music sites, movie blogs, sports apps, and other content providers. The Trivia Partner Program gives any brand, website, or mobile app operator the ability to easily and quickly provide their users with relevant trivia games and offer prize-based contests around those games, thus increasing customer engagement and retention while also generating additional revenue streams.

The program works as follows: The partner signs up for the program at Engage Play’s website; once approved, Engage Play creates a co-branded trivia site customized with the partner website's look & feel featuring trivia categories that match the partner’s website content; the partner promotes their trivia site to their users with their own links/banners or they may choose to use Engage Play’s promotional assets; users go back and forth seamlessly between the partner’s website and their trivia site where they play games and enter contests (all while generating revenue); Engage Play pays the partner a percentage of all revenue generated on the trivia site.

Engage Play’s Trivia Partner Program launched today with the world's largest contest trivia database, with all games playable on mobile, tablet, and desktop/laptop devices. Michael Raeford, Co-Founder and President of Engage Play Technologies said, “We focus on helping brands use gamification and prize contests to drive engagement. This ultimately increases the value to the user and revenue to the brand.”

Anton Smith, Social Media Director of JuVee Entertainment, stated, “We used the Engage Play trivia platform to launch a Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez trivia game promoting their new movie, Lila & Eve, and we’re extremely pleased with the results.”

About Engage Play: Engage Play Technologies ( is a leading developer of custom contest-based game platforms. Included in the company's unique portfolio of assets is the web's largest annotated database of contest-ready trivia questions. For more information about Engage Play Technologies or to sign-up for the Trivia Partner Program, visit the website at, call (424) 835-0058 or email