Our Solutions Engage Play Technologies' turn-key contest platforms make it easy to seamlessly integrate gaming and prize-based competitions into any brand strategy. We offer end-to-end solutions that handle everything from game development to customer support to prize fulfillment.

Social Game Contests Platform

Allowing any social game developer to offer prize-based contests around their existing games. As engaging social gamers becomes increasingly more challenging, we allow developers to offer a new, exciting way for user to play their existing games while creating new revenue streams in the process. Our social game contests platform integrates with Facebook and Twitter and offers numerous ways to optimize the competitive gaming experience while utilizing a player's social graph.

Web/Mobile Game Contests Platform

Allowing any type of brand to offer prize-based contests and competitions to their consumers. Whether you have games or not, we provide a complete end-to-end solution that guarantees increased user engagement using proven gamification mechanics. Our integrated, private-labeled gaming solutions make it seamless for your consumers to play games while on your existing website or mobile app.

Trivia Game Contests Platform

We make it easy to offer trivia contests to your consumers across any platform (web, mobile, or social networks). Our comprehensive trivia game contests platform offers video, audio, photo, and text trivia for a full multimedia experience. Whether you have existing content or need us to create or license content for you, our trivia engine accommodates any type of trivia subjects from movies to music to TV to current events. And, we manage all licensing and content rights, as we have amassed a library of over 500K licensed video clips and have access to over 16 million songs for trivia game use.


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