Press Release - Viola Davis & Jennifer Lopez Trivia Game Launched for Lila & Eve Movie Release

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Viola Davis & Jennifer Lopez Trivia Game Launched

6/23/15 Los Angeles...... To celebrate the release of "Lila & Eve," a new feature film release starring Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez, JuVee Productions has announced the launch of the Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez Trivia Game. The Samuel Goldwyn distributed film represents the first co-star pairing of Davis and Lopez and centers around two distraught mothers who, after local authorities fail to take action, team up to avenge the deaths of their childrenafter a gang-related drive-by.

The prize-based trivia game, which is accessible online via and on Facebook at, features a wide range of trivia covering the lives and careers of the film's two stars.

JuVee Productions has partnered with leading custom casual game developer Engage Play Technologies to create and manage the game. "We wanted to provide Jennifer and Viola's very passionate and dedicated fan base with a creative, engaging, and fun way to commemorate the release of the film," stated JuVee President Julius Tennon.

"We are honored to work with JuVee on this project and are excited by the future prospects of our partnership with the company," stated Engage Play Technologies CEO Justin Beckett.

"Lila & Eve" is scheduled for theatrical release on July 17, 2015, and for the next 60 days top-scorers in the Viola Davis & Jennifer Lopez Trivia Game are eligible to win prizes.

About JuVee: JuVee Productions ( is a Los Angeles based independent, multiethnic production company committed to excellence in film, television, and theatre. JuVee was founded by the acting/producing husband and wife team of Viola Davis and Julius Tennon.

About Engage Play: Engage Play Technologies ( is a leading developer of custom contest-based game platforms. Included in the company's unique portfolio of assets is the web's largest annotated database of contest-ready trivia questions. For more information about Engage Play Technologies call (424) 272-1476or email